10 Nutrition Guidelines For A Balanced Bird Diet

Nutritional Pellets

The pelleted food available for the birds in the market is usually available in the shape of seeds, which is the conventional diet for the birds. Bird food manufacturers usually formulate bird food as per nutritional requirements of the birds that meet their body demands in the most effective manner.

A perfect Mix of food

Your bird would need more than seeds and pellets for its complete nutrition. Variety is not only loved by the human beings, but also the birds. In order to avoid boredom, it is best to offer a mix of different kind of food items. The birds also have a right to indulge in certain fun foods like broccoli, corn, oranges, leafy greens, etc.

Rainbow Foods

The birds can be given a variety of vegetables and fruits in different colors. Care should be taken that fresh food is given to the pets that comes from different color bands. Different colored foods are rich in different nutrients. One must also be careful that spoiled food is not given to the pets.

Bread twice a day

The birds must be given bread, two times in a day on the basis of feeding recommendations offered by the avian veterinarian.

Protein Rich Food

It is very important that protein requirements of the birds are also taken care of. The birds can be fed cottage cheese (low in fat), tofu, yogurt, lean meats, eggs, etc.

Special Treats

Specialized diet is required by certain birds like Lorikeets and Lories. They can be given sugary liquids that are made using from fresh fruit. The birds with soft bellies can be given blossoms, mealworms and diced fruits.


It is very important that the birds stay hydrated and for this purpose, fresh water must be made available in the bird cages all the time. The water must be cold and should be changed every day as the birds tend to leave the remains of their food and feathers in the water.

Fresh Food

It is very important that fresh food is provided to the birds and the food must not be allowed to be left in the cage for more than half an hour.

Food in Moderation

It is very important that birds are not overfed and while you love your pet immensely, you need to watch its weight closely as it may result in problems like pancreatic and liver disease related problems.

Feeding at Proper Times

It is very important that the feeding times of the birds coincides with that of their natural feeding schedule, which is almost half an hour before the sun rises till a little before the sun sets. It is important to note that the rate of metabolism is quite high in birds and as such they need to eat frequently.

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