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Educating About Birds

Accurate and complete information about keeping birds from professional ornithologists and bird enthusiasts.

Everything you need to know about keeping various birds, nutrition food, cage size, and toys, care, breeding, talking parrots and breed personalities.

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Bird Selection


Ensure your pet's social and behavioral needs are met. Young, weaned birds are frequently easily tamed and trained.


Birds can make wonderful companions. They can be entertaining companions for play and other activities.

Birds For Apartments


These guys are some of the smallest members of the parrot family, and they are so full of energy. They really love to play around, too.

Pionus Parrots

If you have something of a larger apartment, members of the Pionus species are known for being rather quiet.

General Care Tips


A balanced diet is the most important part of a healthy bird's life. The common problems that are seen by veterinarians include obesity, egg binding and vitamin A deficiency.


Many birds enjoy baths or showers and even enjoy going into the shower with their owners. Avoid using soaps when your bird is with you.

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